About Hobsons

About Hobsons: Publisher of CollegeView and CareerView

Hobsons is a global company with 25 years’ experience in educational publishing and marketing. In the United States, we are best known for our CollegeView and CareerView software and Web sites.

Hobsons serves students throughout the world with timely college and career information specific to their needs. In the United Kingdom, Hobsons developed Springboard Student Services to deliver this information. Springboard’s quality service has made it immensely popular among its 200,000 student and counselor members. Hobsons is launching the Hobsons Student Union in the United States to serve an even greater number of students.

Last year, Hobsons distributed over 1.6 million publications in 160 countries worldwide to students and advisors requiring study or employment information.

About the Hobsons Student Union: Click here to register!

The Hobsons Student Union is a new and innovative career and college information service supplying student members with free course, college, and scholarship information.

The benefits of joining the Hobsons Student Union are many and include:

We look forward to providing each new student member with the high quality, personalized college and career information needed to make sound decisions